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Celebrating 20 Years of Impact: The 2024 EAUC Annual Conference


Join us in Winchester on the 25th and 26th of June 2024, as we celebrate two decades of unwavering commitment to sustainability in education. The EAUC proudly presents our 2024 annual conference, marking our 20th anniversary. This event is not just a conference; it's a historic moment, and we invite you to be part of it.


Join us: 25 and 26 June 2024, Winchester

We'll take a reflective journey, learning from two decades of sustainability action and celebrating the milestones that have transformed how universities, colleges, and other HE and FE organisations approach sustainability. As we celebrate, we recognise the need to propel forward. The conference is a springboard to the future- a commitment to increasing the scale, pace, and impact of our work, charting a course for the next 20 years.


It's time to turn discussions into action, building on what’s been done to date and creating transformational change across our sector and beyond. Join us in shaping a future where sustainability isn't just a goal but an ingrained part of our societal DNA.


Secure your place: Save over 10% by booking together!

As the educational sector becomes a crowded stage for sustainability conferences and events, what sets this event apart? The EAUC Annual Conference proudly sets the gold standard. With our extensive experience, expertise, and the breadth and depth of our network, we curate content with expert speakers at the cutting edge of sustainability practice.


The conference provides a unique space to:

  • Explore real-world stories of impactful change, lessons learned, and innovative solutions.

  • Prepare for changes in our sector that need to be on your radar.

  • Delve deep into the complexities of driving change.

  • Inform national-scale systems change.

  • Share your insights and seek inspiration from others who understand the nuances of your sustainability work.


For many in the sector, the EAUC Annual Conference is not just an event; it's a reunion- a time to reconnect with peers who share your passion, learn from their experiences, and be inspired by the collective strength that comes from being among others who understand the nuances of both sustainability and education.


If you're a first-time delegate, this is your opportunity to develop your professional network and find people and solutions that will help you affect change. This is more than a conference; it's your annual journey into a community that stands by you on the path to sustainable transformation.

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