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EAUC Annual Conference 2022

Conversations on Climate Action

8-9 November 2022 @ Loughborough University


It’s time to reconnect with one another, find out where we are, how we’ve changed and continue supporting and learning from one another. This conference will be a timely, critical, national conversation to reset the bar on key agendas and how we, as a sector collaboratively seize the opportunities we face and address the challenges, to maximins sector and institutional sustainability impact.


Over the last years, we have faced some of the most challenging times imaginable and alongside this we continue to face a multitude of environmental, economic and socio-political challenges. We understand that being able to connect in real life has been missed.   We know that not all of you may be able or willing to attend but we feel a face-to-face opportunity is what many of us need*.


Following on from COP26 and as we prepare for the next COP, we think it’s time to get together and take some time to recover, reset and reignite each other’s passion. We’ll discuss what the next steps are for the sector to look at in terms of how can we change uncertainty and challenge into opportunity.


This conference we’ll be focussing on conversations and networking. So we are reducing the time we spend hearing presentations and increasing the time we have in discussion and conversation, we will take time to work with others to find some real solutions which we can put in place to support one another on our journey to a more sustainable world. 


We will be bringing together the UK’s best university academics, leaders, and professionals to address the Climate and Ecological Emergency, but more than that, giving you some real opportunities to work together to find solutions and ways forward.


Green recovery and climate action are vital, and can only happen with the help of thought-leadership from the education sector and by listening to and collaborating with students’ voice and colleagues in the wider sustainability sector. Together, we need to emerge stronger and more resilient to health and environmental crises.



·        Bring support and care across our communities as we take time out to reflect and recover

·        Inspire each other to assume our position at the forefront of climate action

·        Rethink our goals and vision for the future



*We will, of course, be following the Government’s guidance at all times regarding large gatherings.