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Recognising exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by the world’s universities and colleges, the International Green Gown Awards set the bar and put every learning institution at the heart of delivering the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Supported by UN Environment, the International Green Gown Awards have showcased over the years your institution’s world-class leadership in sustainability and how you influence and develop society by empowering students to be agents of global change.


The Global Climate Conference in Education 2021 will give you the unique opportunity to:

  • Be inspired by Green Gown Awards projects developed across the world and embrace good-practice examples for your own institution

  • Use tangible examples and visionary plans on how to lead the way your institution is tackling the climate crisis

  • Recognise achievements in the Further and Higher Education sector by embedding sustainability across the institution through strong leadership and collaboration



Access the Conference Programme here and discover a selection of workshops.

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