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Following on the success of the Virtual Global Climate Conference in Education in 2020 and your valued feedback, we are now inviting EAUC members, partners, and students to continue the fruitful conversations at the EAUC Virtual Climate Conference 2021. The event will bring together the world’s best university and college students, academics, leaders and professionals to collaborate and lead the climate emergency with new research, learning and practical solutions and will give you the opportunity to be part of the conversations ahead of COP26.

The Global Climate Conference in Education 2020 will give you the unique opportunity to:

  • Build networks with like-minded sustainability professionals from around the world and find possible solutions to matters that are relevant to your institution​

  • Welcome students to use their voice to produce an impactful and representative sector-wide response to the climate crisis

  • Be at the forefront of the discussions in lead up to the UN Climate Change Summit COP26 2021

  • Limit the impact of the climate crisis by adapting sustainability initiatives implemented by the global sustainability sector​

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